Happy Salmon

Unleash the Fun Anywhere! - Beach, Camping, Road Trips, and Office Shenanigans! Engaging Word Challenges, Hilarious Animal Charades, and Social Laughter! For 3-8 Players.
  • Game Haters? Not Anymore! Join the Fun-Filled Party! Date Nights, Family Fiesta, and Summer Magic! Quick to Learn, Addictive to Play! Perfect for 3-8 Players.
  • Roaring Fun for Everyone! Purrfectly Entertaining Game! Collectibles, Memory Boosting, and Animal Antics! Laugh, Bond, and Compete! Ideal for Family Gatherings and Social Events!
  • Epic Summer Entertainment Extravaganza! Beach Bonanza, Campfire Adventures, and Road Trip Thrills! Office Parties and Spooky Halloween Fun! Perfect for Couples and Social Fun Enthusiasts!
  • Forge Unbreakable Bonds! Fun-Filled Adventures for All! Beachside Bonding, Camping Connections, and Social Skill Boosting! Team up for Laughter and Memorable Moments! Ideal for Large Groups.



  • 6+
  • Card Game
  • Made in China



  • 5 x 2 x 7 inches

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