How can I return something I bought in store?

How can I return something I bought online?

If I bought something online, can I return it in the store?

Can I return something I bought on sale?

I would like to return a pair of shoes, but I don't have the original box. How do I return them?

When will my return be processed?

How can I exchange an item?

My item arrived damaged! What do I do?

I washed something and it shrunk! What do I do?


How much does shipping cost?

When will my order arrive?

I want to order online, but I will need the items by a specific date. Can I request faster shipping?

How can I track my order?

I put the wrong address on my order! What do I do?

Can I pick up my online order in store?

Can I change my order from a pick up to shipped and vice versa?

Do you ship internationally?

How can I cancel or change my order?

What happens if my package is lost or stolen?


What do I do if my size is sold out?

Are items online also available in store?

Can you hold items for me?

Can I order a different size of the rugs you offer?


How often does Nest have sales?

I bought something and then it went on sale! What do I do?

I want to purchase my bridesmaid dresses from Nest! Do you offer any discounts?


I want to collaborate with you! What do I do?

I’m a model and I would love to work with you! Who do I need to contact?