Nest Swim Campaign: Be Your Best You

Nest is built on one ideal and one goal: the ideal that women are powerful, and a confident woman can change the world. The goal to provide stylish and beautiful pieces for your home and wardrobe to give you the confidence to be your best you. We have a team of diverse women that understand insecurity and work hard to diminish that for every single person that walks through our door or visits our website.

Despite our goal, however, we know how difficult it can be to feel good about yourself, especially when it comes to swimsuits. Sadly, a lot of us feel our worst when faced with picking out a swimsuit for the summer.

When we decided we were bringing swim to Nest, one thing was clear: we wanted to keep to our ideal. We wanted to be able to provide women with swim choices that would make them feel assured, confident, and absolutely beautiful--to help them showcase their best self.

Nest Swim

For our swim campaign, we asked a handful of different women to come prove our belief to be true: the right suit makes you confident, confidence makes you beautiful, and when you're confident, you can change your life.

Nest Swim

No more declining invites to pool parties. No more sending your kids off to play while you stay safely on the sidelines. No more holding yourself back.

Nest Swim

Join us in our campaign to celebrate ALL women: of all colors, shapes, sizes, ages, and personalities. We stand proudly with all of you beautiful people out there being your stylish, confident, beautiful--and best--self.

Nest Swim

Thank you to Keiki, Nicole, Taire, Sophie, Tegan, Brook, Claire, Hannah, Lexi, Heather, Nina, Addie, Courtney, and everyone who made this campaign possible. Click to shop our Swimwear Collection and find something that will help you be your best you this summer.

xoxo Nest Team

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