Melamine Berry Bowl



This adorable small bowl is the result of you (our amazing retailers) asking us for this sized bowl over and over again until we just couldn't say no! So, ta-da! Here it is! The small but mighty berry bowl. At 6" in diameter, this piece is great for yogurt and granola in the morning, chips and dip in the afternoon, and the perfect ice cream bowl after dinner. And since it's 10% melamine, it's great for kids of all ages cause it won't crack or break! A note on our colors:…Our white is a pottery style white that looks like a hand thrown piece of pottery. It is not a flat white. If you are looking for a more simple white, our cream is the one for you! It is an ivory, creamy white that reads white on it’s own. Non breakable, durable, sustainable. It’s today’s everyday!
Made in China

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