Liberty Magnetic Bookmark


MAGNETIC BOOKMARKS – The Liberty Magnetic Bookmarks are the perfect way to keep your place in your favorite book. Featuring Liberty's bestselling floral prints, Margaret Annie, Thorpe, and Mitsi, these bookmarks fold at the top to clip perfectly on the page so you can easily find your spot without losing your place.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL – You can use our bookmarks to keep your place in sketchbooks, journals, books, and so much more. The floral designs are perfect for anyone who loves art and nature and wants to add beauty to their reading experience. The bookmarks come in a set of three so you can use them in multiple books or share them with friends!

MAKES THE PERFECT GIFT – Our magnetic bookmarks are a great gift for your friends and family! Whether you're a bookworm or just love to read occasionally, these magnetic bookmarks are a great way to keep your reading experience organized and enjoyable. Their small size means you can take them wherever you go, also making them a great gift for any reader on the go.

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